About Human Interaction

HSI focuses on the amalgamation of three domains:Humans, Security, and the Interaction between them to benefit the typical user.

Security Experts bring complex security concepts to the typical user in plain and non-technical terms.

Human Experts bring complex human cognitive behavior, limitations, and perception to the domain of cyber world to help understand the human-both the user and the hacker.

Interaction Experts look into the complex behavior between the security system and the human and how to design interaction with the user –and the hacker- in mind.

Our team

Dr. Gaffar received his PhD in Software Engineering with a focus on Human Computer Interaction (HCI) from Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. At ASU, Dr. Gaffar is a cofounder of the Health Engineering & Application Lab (HEAL), where several health-related issues are being investigated and researched. Earlier in his career, Dr. Gaffar worked as a faculty member at Concordia University for several years, where he established a state-of-the-art usability lab, and performed extensive work on usability testing as part of his Human-Centered Software Engineering group. His research focuses on software complexity, human cognitive abilities and limitations, human centered design, and usability engineering. He is interested in developing new design methods and tools to reduce complexity throughout the software lifecycle. He is also interested in introducing innovative visualization techniques to enhance the user experience and improve user interface on small and medium size screens. He is a certified project manager (PMP), and an active member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), where he combines project management principles and tools with human centered design methods to plan, manage, and deploy software successfully.

Amer Jneid Authored patent pending application for the methods, algorithms and approaches used in Appright Multi-Factor-Authentication. Jneid started his carrier as a developer with HP developing security layers for HP banking applications in Lebanon. He also designed and led the development of ‘Brokering Applications “acquired by Novell in 2001. Jneid authored several patent applications for single sign on (http://www.google.com.tr/patents/EP1257890A2?cl=en). Additionally, Jneid designed and led the development for secure cloud based Court Case Management System (http://www.google.de/patents/US20070055532). Jneid received his master degree from EcoleSuperiereD’ingenieure – Saint Joseph University - Lebanon